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Nick V8 Vantage

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One of our customers Nick bought this beautiful V8 Vantage, and brought the car in for some OffCamber love.  The car had some transmission issues where the trans would drop into neutral, and would not go into gear.  After a full inspection, our team determined that the car needed some basic maintenance work, as well as new brakes all around, and we determined what the transmission issue was.  This beautiful car had Aston's Sport Shift II transmission.  (Very similar to BMW SMG -  A manual car without a clutch pedal.  The clutch is actuated with a hydraulic servo when you hit the paddles).  Unfortunately Aston decided to use mineral oil in that part of the system.  The mineral oil eventually destroys the fluid lines from the inside, and then the material from the decaying hoses proceed to clog everything,  The ASM relay on these cars only lasts a few years, and is another good thing to change proactively.  The other big issue with these car is the cost of the parts from the dealer.  There are very few if any aftermarket parts for this car, so most folks just buy from the dealer.  We were able to procure all of the original Aston parts from a outside source (which saved the customer a ton of $$$).  

Another commoon issue with these cars is the plastic nipple on the Sportshift II solenoid pack.  This nipple is part of the hydraulic fluid that the system uses for the paddle shifters.  Unfortunatley after an unknown amount of heat cycles, the plastic nipple becomes brittle, and if you try and replace the lines, it breaks!  At this point you are in for a $6,000 solenoid pack!  Not if you are an Offcamber customer!  Our team came up with a much more permanant solution.  We replaced the flimsy plastic nipple with a lifetime low profile brass one!

Stock Plastic Nipple

The much stronger OCA Solution!

After that issue was resolved, our team tacked the rest of the normal maintenance.  From what the customer tells us, she has been running beautifully since she left the shop.  Enjoy her Nick, she is truly a beautiful lady!

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