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F80 M3 Brake Caliper Refresh

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The F80 M3 is an awesome car.  Beautiful, fast, and well balanced.  Unfortunately, there is always a cost for speed.  In this case the front calipers paid the price.  BMW will no longer sell you pistons or complete rebuild kits for these calipers.  Their solution is for you to purchase brand new calipers. (At about $1300 each!)  It is good to know people, and OffCamber was able to find a source for the pistons, and piston seals.  Take a look at the pics and you will see how the brakes were heated to the point that the pistons actually deformed, and could not be re-used.  The heat also ruined the beautifiul color of the calipers.  We work with a truly gifted powder coat guy, and he was able to have M logo decals made, and was able to color match the calipers.  Once his work was done, the techs at Offcamber did their magic, and rebuilt the calipers.  The F80 is back on the road with brand new looking calipers!  If you need your F80 M3 calipers rebuilt, OffCamber is here to help.  Enjoy the pics.

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